Answers to the Games in “Cherish Water Campus” Newsletter Issue 13


Description Are they the water wasters?
Picture 1 Wash dishes and vegetables under a running tap Yes, we should not wash vegetables under a running tap. Wash them in a sink or container filled with water.
Picture 2 Water plants with water used for washing vegetables and fruits No.
Picture 3 Take a bath Yes, we should take a shower instead of bath and shorten the shower time.
Picture 4 Wash vegetables and fruits in a container filled with water No.
Picture 5 Run the washing machine with a cloth only Yes, we should only run the washing machine or dishwasher with a full load.
Picture 6 Brush teeth under a running tap Yes, we shoule turn off the tap while brushing teeth, washing face or shaving.
Picture 7 Use a dual flushing cistern No.
Picture 8 Play water Yes, we should not play water.
Picture 9 Take a shower No.
Picture 10 Wash the car with a running hose Yes, we should wash cars with a water bucket and towel, instead of a running hose.


Christmas Wishes from Cherish Water Family Christams Gifts
Brother: I will not sing while taking a shower. I want to shorten the shower time to 4 minutes. 4 mins timer
Mother: The washing machine is broken. I would like to have a water saving washing machine as the old one was consuming so much water. Washing machine (with Grade 1 WELS label)
Father: I have heard WSD organised an innovative water efficient showerhead design competition recently. One of the showerheads has the features of easy cleaning and light in weight; it also has Grade 1 WELS label, sounds very awesome! Showerhead (with Grade 1 WELS label)
Sister: I want to learn more water saving tips and practice with my friends and family. Water Saving Tips